Compomatic costs €99 per month which includes 5 000 participants.
On top of that you only pay for actual competition participants, nothing else. No surprising costs.

Participants / week1 00010 000100 0001 000 000
€ per week€24.75€37.38€154.38€1 064.13
Participants / month4 00040 000400 0004 000 000
€ per month€99.00€149.50€617.50€4 256.50
Participants / year48 000480 0004 800 00048 000 000
€ per year€1 188.00€1 794.00€7 410.00€51 078.00
Cost per lead€0.0248€0.0037€0.0015€0.0011




  • 100 Participants per month
  • Unlimited competitions
  • NO custom templates
  • NO custom branding



/ per month

  • 5000 participants included
  • Unlimited participants & competitions
  • YES Custom branding
  • YES Custom templates
Better lead generation - contact the 99% too

Better lead generation - contact the 99% too

Competitions are the most used and simplest lead generation and customer activation tools.

Most competitions contact the winners, but only personally. The rest 99% will never hear from the brand or competition although they have clearly stated their interest. They are your leads and Compomatic helps you take better care of them.

Compomatic also allows you to export your leads easily. You can choose betweem Microsoft Excel, XML or CSV exports or use our API to integrate them directly into your customer database.

Reduce manual labor by 90%

Reduce manual labor by 90%

Compomatic automates the usually manual parts in creating competitions saving you 4-6 days per competition.

Our designers and developers are seasoned marketing and agency veterans, having done hundreds of competitions. They always have elements that need to be done manually: Setting up databases, forms, server work, landing page integration, testing and finally drawing the winners plus all the transactional emails to everyone involved. Not to mention scheduling competitions, pre- and post-competition visibility. That's a lot of work.

With Compomatic, you have everything already done. Automatic landing pages, pre-tested elements, all ready to go. We have even made our simple administrator interface redundant by sending you email updates about anything important. You can truly fire and forget your competitions.

Safe, secure and scalable

Safe, secure and scalable

We run on proven and tested technology used to run Netflix and Amazon. We can scale up to infinity and beyond.

We care about two things: Your customer information and scalability. We are fanatical about security, encrypting everything with military-grade SSL and maintaing our codebase as minimal, clean and safe as possible.

If you need to run competitions with a million participants per week? No problem, we can handle it. Everything is included in our low, low price.

Fits in any workflow

Fits in any workflow

No matter what you have - an email, an app, a game, a website, social media - if it supports HTML, Compomatic works on it.

We wanted to make sure Compomatic makes your life easier. It does just a few things, but it does them well. Our software is designed to be as modular and integrateable as possible. It doesn't matter if you know nothing about coding and it works and helps you if you know a lot. Compomatic takes out all the arduous parts of running competitions and that's it.

Contact us for a demo or a beta trial and we will show you more.

Automatic landing pages

One great feature our clients love are the automatic landing pages created for each and every competition. This allows a simple way to setup and share a competition lowering the cost of deployment greatly.

Direct email participation

A lot of CRM work with user activation starts with sending emails to existing customers. Compomatic supports this perfectly with an easy way to participate directly from an email.

We speak your language

Compomatic is served in several languages with more coming each week. We also have a super simple way to create language versions with competitions allowing you to cater globally.

Customer service

Our customer service works relentlessly to help you in your need, whatever the case. We promise to respond to support requests within 24 hours, but usually we respond in less than 8 hours.

Markus Sandelin

Founder & CEO

Nikolai Bezruk


Stepan Chwaluk

Area Manager - USA & Canada

Mikko Mantila

Area Manager - Finland

Denis Kosyakov

Area Manager - Russia

Daniel Örlund

Area Manager - Sweden